The Principle


The principle underlying wamena® is based on the original purpose of the plant to strengthen the immune system and to have a healing effect on humans and animals. Starting from the insight that water is a carrier of information − this knowledge is utilized in homeopathy as well as by water researchers such as Viktor Schauberger, Plocher, Grander, Emoto, etc. − a wide range of raw materials is used. These have stored both healing and pollutant information within their cell water. Therefore, plants contaminated by environmental hazards and electromagnetic pollution as well as medicinal and additive herbs grown at natural locations are used. As for their optimal continued development the microorganisms need a sufficient supply of oxygen, as well as adequate humidity, I feed them, among other things, with water from different medicinal springs. In addition to this, I have discovered that there is an ideal form for the compost heap: round, constructed uniformly on a base measuring 210 cm.